I was at university, playing Salieri in Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus, when my dad told me, ‘You’re better than I ever was or will be. You’ll have a good time doing this. I’m going to support you’. It was a huge thing for a father to say to his son. It was very humbling and moving. One of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning and try to do my best each day is to make them proud.

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#benedict cumberbatch#timothy carlton#i couldn't find a picture of both of them together#like... ZERO#so i just decided to use gifs of them acting together to apply to this quote#and can i just say that i absolutely LOVE benedict's father?#he's the cutest#i mean come on...#look at this cutie pie!!#and their relationship it's so inspiring and loving and beautiful#i can't!!!#PERFECTION#cumbergifs
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